Submission Instructions

The 28th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP 2020)
Madrid, Spain, October 13-16, 2020

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Please read the whole submission instructions on this page.

Note: For submission of camera-ready papers, please see the instructions here (to be posted later).

Important Dates


As you submit your paper(s), please make sure that you:

  1. Are using the official ICNP 2020 submission page:
  2. Have a provided title;
  3. Have entered all authors, their email and affiliation;
  4. Have uploaded a pdf file that complies with the IEEE formatting requirements.
    • no more than 10 pages (excluding references)
    • on US LETTER (8.5" by 11") size paper with 10 point font
    • with authors’ names and affiliations removed for double-blind review
    • using the conference option (if you use the LaTeX template)
    Note: a pdf checker is run on all submitted papers and non-conformant papers will be flagged and rejected without review if not fixed before the submission deadline;
  5. Have uploaded an abstract of no more than 250 words;
  6. Have indicated all PC conflicts;
  7. Have pressed the "Save and submit" button (you can update your submission up until the deadline of May 26, 2020, 11:59 a.m. EDT (noon).

Submission Guidelines

Please read the following detailed instructions carefully and check the CFP for additional information regarding scope.

Format and Length

Submitted papers must be written in English and have no more than ten (10) pages in double-column format with standard margins and a 10 point font. This length includes figures, tables, and appendices but not references. Longer submissions will not be reviewed. Papers should include a title and an abstract of fewer than 250 words.

All papers must be formatted for printing on US LETTER (8.5" by 11") size paper and must adhere to the IEEE formatting requirements. For LaTeX, use the conference option. The template should be used as is. Papers that violate the template, e.g., by picking narrower line-spacing or margins than what the template defines, may be rejected without review. Papers must be submitted in PDF (Portable Document Format) and be compatible with Acrobat (English version), not including any special characters or non-standard fonts. A PDF format checker will be used to verify that your paper is compliant. In addition, we must be able to display and print your submission exactly as we receive it and using only standard tools and printers, so we strongly suggest that you use only standard fonts. Make sure that the paper prints well on black-and-white printers, not color printers. This is especially true for plots and graphs in the paper.


ICNP uses a double-blind review process. To ensure double-blind reviewing, author names and affiliations should not appear in the uploaded pdf paper, bibliographic references should be made in such a way as to preserve authors anonymity, and acknowledgement with identifiable names and funding sources should be removed. Please check the CFP for additional information and guidelines on how to best ensure the anonymity of your submission and understand what it entails.


Authors MUST indicate on their paper's submission page all PC members with whom they have a conflict of interest. Conflicts of interest are defined on the submission page and consist of past advisors and students, people with the same organizational affiliation, any recent (~2 years) coauthors and collaborators, researchers working on projects that directly compete with some of your own, or anyone for whom conditions exist that could reasonably be perceived as interfering with their ability to perform a full and objective review, e.g., a family member or someone with whom you have a close personal relationship. If you are unsure about a possible CoI, please contact the Program co-Chairs. Conversely, authors should not improperly identify PC members as conflicts to avoid individuals who might review their papers.

Dual Submissions

Once submitted to ICNP, a paper cannot be submitted wholly or in part to another workshop, conference or journal until the ICNP acceptance decision is known. To do so wastes one of our community's scarcest resources: reviewer effort. Similarly, a paper that is wholly or in part under consideration elsewhere, including a workshop or journal, cannot simultaneously be submitted to ICNP. It is acceptable if some of the material in an ICNP submission previously appeared in a workshop, but only if the paper submitted to ICNP provides substantial additional results compared to that earlier publication.

If you are unsure about the paper’s delta with a previous workshop publication (or pending publication), please contact the Program co-Chairs.

Paper Submission Steps

All papers must be submitted using the ICNP 2020 submission page. To begin the process, take the following steps:


The IEEE ICNP 2020 PC will notify authors of acceptance/rejection decisions by July 25, 2020. All accepted papers may be shepherded by members of the PC. Authors of accepted papers should plan to interact with their shepherds immediately after notification, and to budget sufficient time between acceptance notification and the camera-ready deadline to coordinate with their shepherd. It is a requirement that the paper be considered acceptable to the assigned shepherd so that the updates to the paper reflect the issues raised by the PC (conflicts will be mediated by the PC chairs) before the paper is considered "accepted" to appear in the conference proceedings. In addition, the publications chair of the ICNP proceedings will review all accepted papers submitted for the camera-ready deadline of August 24, 2020. Authors should also budget sufficient time immediately after the camera-ready deadline to be available and responsive to any editing changes requested by the publications chair.

Registration and Presentation

Every accepted paper must be presented by an author at the conference. The author list must remain the same as when the paper was submitted for review, and any changes in the author list or title is forbidden without prior written permission from the PC Co-Chairs.

Inclusion of the paper in the conference proceedings and its availability in the IEEE Xplore digital library requires that at least one author of an accepted paper register at the full rate of the conference and be available to present the paper at the conference. Failure to meet those conditions will result in the paper’s removal from the conference proceedings and IEEE Xplore. It is the authors’ responsibility to procure the necessary visas, etc. in time to attend the conference. Authors will be informed of acceptance well in advance of the conference (and provided with invitation letters, if applicable). Authors should start visa application and making the necessary travel arrangements immediately upon notification of acceptance.

Exceptions to this policy will only be considered in cases of truly extenuating circumstances. In such instances, the authors must contact the PC Chairs at least 48 hours prior to the first day of the conference and receive explicit permission from the PC chairs excusing them from attending the conference. Granting such a permission is solely at the discretion of the PC Chairs. In such cases, the authors are encouraged to identify a non-author attendee of the conference who would be available to present the paper. The PC chairs reserve the right to identify such an individual as needed.